Main technical features:

  • Control unit
  • Intake filter predisposed for self-filling
  • Hinge lid
  • Hand and circuit washing tank

Our strenght

Top quality high pressure pumps

Hot galvanized steel frame resistant on corrosion

Your advantages

Long lasting mechanical elements

Reliable pump

Wide range of additional equipments

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel frame
  • External filter with valve
  • Hand and circuit washing tank
  • Valve for total tank emptying
  • Inspectable hydraulic agitator
  • 3-way distributor on frame with pressure adjustment and Ø63 mm isometric pressure gauge
  • High pressure pump (O NG A)
  • Low pressure pump (O NG B)
  • Pump 60, 20 bar
  • Mechanical boom 12m.
  • Pump 75, 20 bar
  • Ecomixer
  • Mechanical boom 6m.
  • Hose reel
  • Mechanical boom 8m.
  • Spray gun 15 – 40 bar, 60 cm
  • Mechanical boom 10m.
  • Spray gun with TURBO nozzle head