Main technical features:

  • Control unit ALPHA 2
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Double brass nozzles
  • Fan unit

Our strenght

Top quality high pressure pumps

Hot galvanized steel frame resistant on corrosion

Reliable transmission gearbox

Aerodynamic blades

Double hydraulic agitators

Brass nozzle

Your advantages

Long lasting mechanical elements

Precise spraying components

Remote control for spraying ALPHA 2

Adjustable track width

Reliable pump

Adjustable propeller pitch

Wide range of additional equipments

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel frame
  • Polyethylene tank designed for total drainage with hinge lid
  • Strainer filter located under the lid
  • External liquid level indicator
  • Hand and circuit washing tank
  • Hydraulic agitator
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Complete with single-level pressure control unit ALPHA 2
  • Adjustable supporting foot 1500-2000-3000L
  • Width adjustable axle
  • Width and height adjustable axle 130-160
  • PTO Shaft
  • Polypropylene propeller with adjustable pitch
  • Double brass nozzles
  • Gearbox transmission
  • Ecomixer
  • Rubber clutch (standard for Ø900)
  • Suction filter with valve for self-filling
  • Bumper kit (from L. 1500)

Pump APS 121 instead of pump APS 96
Pump APS 145 instead of pump APS 121
High pressure piston pump YA75
High pressure piston pump YA130
Electronic control unit with box control, 2 sections
Electronic proportional unit with computer Bravo 180S (2 ways)
Stainless steel hydraulic powder mixer
Powder mixer with jet for washing containers
Self filling kit 5 m with basket Ø30 (up to 1000 L)
Self filling kit 5 m with basket Ø40 (from 1500 L)
Spray gun 15-40 bar, 60 cm
Spray gun with TURBO nozzle head
Trijet brass nozzles
System with rotar jet 360°
Deflector panel H-160 (7+7 nozzles, Ø700-Ø800)
Deflector panel H-200 (8+8 nozzles, Ø800-Ø900)
Stair for easier filling tank (folding, for 600-800-1000 L)
Tandem wheels (3000 L)
Line filter brass (both sides, for dirty water)
Steering rod + PTO shaft sin. cr. omnicinetic
“Giraffe” type cannon
Adjustable supporting foot with wheel for 1500-2000-3000 L
Hose reel
40 bar hose (each m.)
Brakes (1500-2000-3000 L)
PTO Shaft sin. cr. omnicinetic
Bumper kit (L. 600-800-1000)
Leaf protection 1040×270
Line filter brass (both sides)
Kit lights
Rubber clutch (Ø700 – Ø800 )
“AVANT” kit (for fan Ø700 mm)
“AVANT” kit (for fan Ø800 mm)
“AVANT” kit (for fan Ø900 mm)